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bedroom fireplace


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bedroom fireplace

Project Details

At the homeowners’ request, the interior designer created a contemporary residence with infusions of Oriental and tribal art for this residence. The 6,500 square foot house was based on an open floor plan, with the public spaces flanked by a master suite and library on one side and three guest suites on the other. The two-sided fireplace is framed with expresso-stained maple on the living room side, and clad in a stone mosaic tile. The same maple was used for shelving for the family room. For the master bedroom, Ownby added an ingenious touch – a motorized television that comes down to viewing level from a void in the ceiling. A floating vanity and mirror adds a dramatic touch to the bathroom, which which also features espresso-stained cabinery and marble countertops. Subtly colored and patterned Oriental rugs, and a mix of contemporary, traditional and Asian decorative pieces are grouped together in the library and living room to achieve a simple and uncluttered effe... more

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Ownby Design


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Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living & Family Rooms
African, Asian, Contemporary, Modern
Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA
Clair Ownby
Founding Principal

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